Promote & Protect GG, HR & Make Awareness on CA though Community Journalism (2007)

Promote & Protect  GG, HR & Make Awareness on CA though Community Journalism (2007)

Highlight of this programme :

Set out below are the achievements of the programme:

  • Enhanced the awareness of the community about human rights and good governance.
  • Increased , in an effective way, pressure to implement human rights, women rights, children’s rights an good governance in forthcoming construction of the New Nepali Constitution.
  • Promoted human rights and good governance activity through an effective use of media.
  • Established details of the number of cases of human rights violation and put in place a future monitoring system.
  • Increased participation of women from local level to central level throgh UNSCR 1325.
  • Women Peace Volunteer succeeded to establish their own identity in the community.

Details of the programme:

Following the second people’s movement there became an opportunity to implement a new structure within society and make it available to the people. In Nepal there exists a patriarchal society and the exclusion of women, Dalits and indigenous groups of people from all sectors of national activity is against the key principles of protecting human rights.

During this period the Government had shown interest in putting in place a Parliament that was based on a Constituent Assembly. According to the Interim Constitution it was agreed that there should be the provision of 33% of members who should be women representatives in the Assembly and that all other marginalized groups should be represented according to the proportion of the group across the wider population. The election process was to be carried out on a mix system i.e. some members elected as a result of the first past the post result and others on the basis of their proportional representation. This fair but complicated approach would mean that it would be difficult for the local people to fully understand the process of this election. Again with the election being run on a proportional basis it was also going to be very difficult to educate the local people on how to cast their vote and for whom?  So it is very important to make the local people aware of the approach to the Constituent Assembly and the processes connected to the election.

The training which was provided on the Constituent Assembly, the electoral process, human rights, democracy and good governance at the village level contributed towards the political restructuring at the grassroots level and will ultimately do the same at the national level. Therefore IHRICON organized the training and awareness raising programme with the support of the British Embassy and delivered it to the local community groups.  The program was organized in the following 4 Districts: Dang, Kailali, Sindhuli and Gorkha since February 2007 to February 2008.

The overall objectives were to increase the awareness levels of the Community Peace Volunteers (CPV) on the issues of good governance, human rights and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325. The programme was also trying to improve the way that community communication was undertaken so that awareness raising carried out by the CPVs could now take place across a much wider area within their respective Districts. Set out below are the specific objectives of the events:

  • To educate the Community Peace Volunteers about human rights, the rights of women, UNSCR 1325 and of the methods used in good governance,
  • To explore the human rights and good governance issues involved in the electoral process for the up and coming Constitutional Assembly
  • To form a society, in which the community becomes the defender of human rights, ensures that good governance methods are in place and that the Constituent Assembly can benefit them.
  • To promote the use of the media as an effective tool to protect and promote human rights and good governance through community communication.
  • To identify, document and monitor all human rights violation cases at the community level.