Structural Injuries (Annual Report- 2012)

Structural Injuries (Annual Report- 2012)

It’s pleasing to share that ‘Structural Injuries’, a topic selected to the report is not a spontaneous one. In fact, it is a reality that Institute of Human Rights Communication Nepal (IHRICON), a non-governmental and non-profit making social organization dedicating its time and efforts for enhancing the knowledge and the skills of the general people, social activists and media groups on right based issues has got the conclusion after comprehensive analysis since its inception, 2000 is a structural violence as a basic problem in the country.

Nepalese society has been suffering with structural injuries rather than events and incidents occurred in the country in the name of issues related to civil, political, social, economic and cultural demands. A big number of the population of women, children and other community has been marginalized and deprived from the basic rights because of structural injuries. Though the constitution, acts, regulation and directives provide the provision of equal rights to the people at large but it is stocked only in the paper, not in the practice because of structural injuries. Women are swallowing the discriminatory behaviour of the community and a large number of the people are deprived because of structural problems. Polygamy, a social stigma is still in the society and the laws are unable to support to the victimized ones because of the same social defects.

Structural injury is none other than cultural, social and religious shame. Society has given the different roles to the people in the base of their sex, caste and religion though constitution and the Acts are seemed neutral and equal to all the citizens as per the letters and sprits. But structural stigmas don’t let substantial number of the people to enjoy the equal rights in the country. IHRICON has got the additional evidences in 2012 that structural injuries are the main resources for almost all types of social stigmas.


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