Our Voice – 2007

Our Voice – 2007

2007 has been a fortunate year for Institute of Human Rights Communication, Nepal. IHRICON has had the opportunity to promote peace, human rights, reconciliation at the same time as getting recognition from the people and civil society within Nepal. The success which has been achieved has resulted in the quantity of the donors agreeing to assist IHRICON increasing. During the year IHRICON had an opportunity to work with Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO), VSO, British Embassy, UNIFEM, AED, USAID, OTI, Care Nepal, UNFPA and Saferworld. Whilst working with all these reputed organizations is a great achievement the more important aspect is that the donors have been very satisfied with the work of IHRICON. This has given a great deal of satisfaction to IHRICON that the work which ahs been done has been greatly appreciated and valued.

VSO has contributed a great deal to IHRICON by providing volunteers to promote the capacity of the organization over the last 3 years. John MacAulay the most recent volunteer contributed a great deal during 2007.

The National Peace Conference which was organized with the help of CCO reflected the growth of empowerment of rural women. Journalism training was provided to 75 journalists and they were provided with a digital Camera and Tape recorder to make them better equipped in their field of journalism with the help of AED. IHRICON also organized a programme to increase the participation of Madhesi Women in the Constitutional Assembly in Dhanusa, Mahottari, Kapilbastu and Rupandehi Districts with the support of USAID and AED.

IHRICON also conducted varied programmes in the field of children’s rights and the rights of young people. It also continued to contribute in the field of human rights through the monitoring of Maoist activities in the cantonments and rural areas.

Set out below all the areas of activity which have been undertaken by IHRICON during the year:

  • IHRICON-JMC coordination
  • Peace Education Training Manual 2007.
  • Symposium on “Commitment to protect child rights in Constitutional assembly.”
  • Symposium on Protection of child rights.
  • Child rights in Media
  • PNGO capacity building training.
  • Publication of Peace Education Training Manual/ Peace Education Training.
  • Sustainable peace and women empowerment for human rights. (Project Directives and Success Story)
  • Awareness campaign on ” UNSCR 1325″
  • Peace and Genderism in Journalism
  • Madhesi Women in constitutional assembly
  • Gender monitoring in Maoist Cantonment
  • Good governance, human rights and community media.
  • Peace promote in South Asia
  • Psychosocial consultation with the support of Medica and Mondiale
  • IHRICON in collaboration with Saferworld
  • Monitoring and lesson learned