Our Voice – 2006

Our Voice – 2006

IHRICON commenced its Save the Children Norway Nepal funded projects this year with a training programme for media personnel. The suspension of the war accompanied with the peaceful negotiation and agreement (both of which were essential in transforming the armed conflict into a sustainable peace) influenced us to prepare, publish and disseminate information regarding the effects of the conflict in a professional format which included both pictures and text. A significant number of journalists were lagging behind in the way that they were depicting the sentiments of women and children, who were victims of the war, in their publications. It as found, as a result of the work that IHRICON undertook that, that the minimum standards surrounding their rights were not being maintained. It was also apparent that their rights had not been preserved during the period of conflict due to their lack of mobility and the pressure of normal living prevented them striving for this situation to cease.

IHRICON therefore conducted a training programme which was related to human rights and journalism for the media personnel from Dang, Rukum and Rolpa Districts. The purpose of this programme was to publicize the conflict-generated problems and to involve the media world in the war transformation process to create a more conducive environment. During the training journalists not only learned how to better depict and research these human rights issues but were also provided with fellowship to enable them to carry out their research as well as become more active in their own field of study around the areas of women’s and children’s rights.

IHRICON monitored and analyzed the media related publications on sale within the market in Nepal and decided to publish a tri-monthly M & E report which was made available to both media personnel and other media related units. This move was carried out to publicize the real nature of both of the warring sides and it helped to create an environment where the suspension of the war could be achieved.

IHRICON conducted research programmes in the villages and areas near to the Armed Forces security barracks and establishments to gather information regarding sexual violence. The research was centered on gender based sexual violence due to militarization in the areas of 5 Districts Banke, Bardiya, Acham, Doti and Rolpa.  IHRICON prepared a documentary program along with a report on the topic showing the outside world the darker side of the Nepal conflict that has been inflicted upon women and children in these regions.

Set out below are the most effective programmes of the year:

  • Training program on the protection of children’s rights in the process of reunion, DDR and CA polls, for its partner organization Save the Children Norway of Nepal in the Districts, in the aftermath of the escalated conflict.
  • Training for media personnel in the impact of conflict on children’s right.
  • Media Monitoring
  • Interaction With political parties
  • Research on Sexual Violence