Ensuring Human Rights (Annual Report 2011)

Ensuring Human Rights (Annual Report 2011)

Institute of Human Rights Communication Nepal (IHRICON) has completed its 11 years since its establishment. IHRICON has been working continuously for ensuring the rights of women and children since 2000 A.D. It has also been working extensively on issues of violence against women, peace and security and has been monitoring and analysing human rights issues in media.

It is our great pleasure to publish the 11th annual report and distribute among the concerned stakeholders. In this period we have implemented three projects: “Justice and Security Sector Reform”, “Community Security” and “Ensuring the Human Rights of Women and Children (EHRWC)”. Advocacy on violence against women, campaign for the protection of children rights and media monitoring on women and children rights have been given priority this year.

One of the major activities this year was to analyse the use of small arms and its violent effects on the public. Awareness raising program on “Open Boarder, Smuggling of Small Arms and its Effect on the National Security” was also done in the districts which shares its border with India. An interaction program was held between local authority, security agencies, civil society and media where concerned agencies and public were made aware about the shortcomings.

This report reflects how IHRICON conducted its activities in given resources. Transitional period and political instability has worsened the situation of human rights and social security of the public. Despite the challenges and hindrances, IHRICON family effectively implemented its activities.

Download: Annual report 2011

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