Children are Zones of Peace (2003-2006)

Children are Zones of Peace (2003-2006)

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 20th November, 1989. Nepal ratified the declaration on 14th September, 1990 and Nepal has become a State which is committed to protect and promote basic the rights of children. Despite the commitments the rights of children continue to be violated across the country.

There have been many cases of human rights violations involving children from both the National State position as we as that of the main rebel group (Nepal Communist Party (Maoist)). Many children have died due to the Armed Conflict; they have been illegally detained in custody, sexually exploited, abducted, displaced and used in activities related to the Armed Conflict. These affects on children are even more distressing as more than half of country’s population comprises of children.  As well as the children themselves being adversely affected the Education sector has been severely damaged by the conflict. The rebel group involved students and teachers in their various activities by abducting them and forcing them to take part in dubious activities and schools themselves have been closed for numerous unclear reasons.

The essence of “Children as Zones of Peace” is to highlight the need for the country to protect children from any kind of impact of the Armed Conflict or to remove any obstructions which would get in the way of the children’s normal development. The report demonstrated the need for prioritizing actions for the protection of children who found themselves in difficult circumstances and for all those concerned parties to use as many alternative methods as possible to help to protect child rights. These actions would result in allowing the children of Nepal to be able to grow up in a peaceful environment.

IHRICON conducted the “Children as Zone of Peace” programme in Mid Western and Far Western Regions between 2003 and 2006 with the support of Save the Children Norway Nepal. IHRICON also ran the programme to the Partner Organizations of Save the Children Norway (SCNN) in 22 Districts.

IHRICON organized a 2 day interaction programme between the 31st August 2008 and 1st September 2008. The programme was organized to hold the joint consensus among members of the civil society, the security forces and Government to decide the role of armed groups to protect children’s rights and what factors have to be adopted in order to respect the rights of children.