Our News – 2004

Our News – 2004

Institute of Human Right Communication, Nepal (IHRICON) has been operating its activities and responsibilities since the first of year of its establishment in 2000 with the support of Save the Children, Norway. It includes public hearings and media monitoring on women and children’s issues as its major objectives.

During March 2001, it conducted media monitoring activity as well as holding a number of public hearings. In August 2002 IHRICON prepared a survey report on “The challenges encountered by children during the state of emergency: it included data from a six years survey in the Districts”.

The report for 2004 is the first annual report since the establishment of IHRICON. During 2003 and 2004, IHRICON launched various advocacy and media campaigns to promote the slogan “Children are Zone of Peace”. It organized training programmes in order that the theme could be translated into practice.

The IHRICON organized training events for the representatives of the security agencies throughout 2004. These events stressed the importance of the human and child rights. IHRICON also prepared a training documentary program based on the training it had designed and delivered. Furthermore, it trained representatives of the partner organizations of Save the Children, Norway on “Incident Monitoring, Documentation and Human Rights.” To promote the message “Children are Zone of  Peace” from the grass roots level up to the policy making level IHRICON broadcast television programs and released an album of children’s rights related songs.

Other activities included:

  • publication of essays on the theme “Children are Zone of Peace”;
  • field monitoring and observation of the activities carried out by partner organizations of the Save the Children Norway;
  • field visit and publication of annual wall and pocket calendars.

IHRICON has also initiated the publication and distribution of monthly bulletins, based on media monitoring that the organisation has been carrying out since the first year of its establishment. It also tried to increase the focus on children’s issues in the media in cooperation with many of the journalists across Nepal.

Set out below are the main programmes which were carried out by IHRICON during the year:

  • Training to security agency
  • Human Rights workers Training
  • Human rights activists training directives
  • TV Program on “Children are Zone of Peace”
  • Article Publications in News Papers
  • Field Inspection
  • Calendar Publication
  • Journalist Interaction
  • Audio Cassette Publication
  • Media Monitoring

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