Our News – 2005

Our News – 2005

Since its establishment in 2000, IHRICON has been monitoring the print media in very crucial area of the publication of articles about the human rights of Women and the rights of children and young people. As a result of this work IHRICON is seen as the pioneer organization in Nepal for Media Monitoring. It is collecting, classifying and analyzing the news of print media related with the Women and Child Rights issues periodically a report on the results of its Media Monitoring. IHRICON as the name symbolizes has been working in the field of Human Rights and Media for many years. It is working in two of the most sensitive areas of Human Rights i.e. the rights of Women and of Children and it has played a major role during the year to progress the issues within Nepal.

IHRICON has recognized that it is necessary to focus activity in the area of assisting the weaker sections of society for the overall improvement of the whole society and consequently of the country. Realizing this fact, IHRICON had chosen the field in which it should carry out its work.

Over the past few decades there existed many different kinds of criminal activities related to Human Rights violations and the breaking of Humanitarian Law. It cannot be said that before the formal declaration of war by the Government of Nepal that there was a total respect for the Human Rights of all the citizens across the country. If there had been then it was probably the case that there would not have been an incident like the armed conflict occurring in the first place.  Actually, a decade before this current regime and administration those in power were also unable to protect the civil and human rights of the people. Again this could be the main reason behind the long armed conflict. Matters have been worse in the past although improvements have been seen to be made recently. However the statistics still show that the situation on the protection of Human Rights in Nepal is in a dire state at this time.

IHRICON believes that unless the warring parties were made fully aware of the effect of their actions and about the rights of the people then no practical change in the way that they behaved could be expected. Therefore both sides were provided with the training events which related to the protection of rights and the effect of roles taken by the conflicting parties during armed conflict. As a result of these events having been delivered the report on the media monitoring exercise (carried out by IHRICON) showed for this year a decreased number of violations of rights cases from the security forces side.

The complication of approaching the central level of the other party in the conflict (The Maoist Party) and the security aspect surrounding meet with them were the two main reasons behind the difficulty providing them with any training Despite the difficulties some interaction programmes on child rights and child protection during armed conflict were successfully conducted in Kalikot, Achham and Salyan Districts during the year.  Naturally, it was quite difficult to provide training to the Maoist party members who had been actively involved in the armed conflict and who had spent a long time underground. Again despite these problems the Maoist activists were found and were invited to become involved in the interaction programme under the guise of members of the civil society.

Set out below are the activities of IHRICON which were undertaken during the year:

  • Management of training modules which were delivered to the security forces.
  • Media Monitoring
  • Research on the Impact of Media Mobilization.
  • Mobilization of Journalists
  • “Children as Zone of Peace” Campaign
  • Child Rights Protection Training and its impact Evaluation
  • Inclusion of Child and Women Rights in the Manual of RNA
  • Human Rights and Sustainable Peace for Women Empowerment
  • Activities with Shantimalika, Shantimalika are a networking organization of 17 different organizations working for Women and Human Rights.
  • IHRICON involvement in the World Social Forum Preparation Committee
  • IHRICON’s participation in the “Children is Zone of Peace” Workshop
  • IHRICON involvement in the programme of “Elimination of Violence Against Women and Discrimination against Women”
  • IHRICON involvement in the “Masculinity based violence against women” TOT training programme.