Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC)

HRTMCC is a joint forum of 34 non-governmental organizations working in the field of human rights in Nepal. The forum has been active since 2003. IHRICON is one of the forum members of HRTMCC The committee primarily focuses on monitoring the Government efforts to implement the provisions of the international human rights treaty to which it is a stated party. Preparation and submission of alternative report to the concerned UN committee is also another prime task of the coalition. The Committee also monitors the situation of human rights in the country through fact finding missions and on-the-spot investigations.

Federation of Nepalese Journalist (FJN)

Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) is an umbrella organization that represents all professional journalists in Nepal.   FNJ is the national network of Institute of Human Rights Communication Nepal (IHRICON).

Children as Zones of Peace (CZOP) 

CZOP means the protection of children affected by the Armed Conflict which occurred in Nepal and its long term impact. The CZOP project was a means to identify obstacles which would get in the way of the normal development of children. The CZOP project was to get commitment from those in authority to prioritize children’s protection even during difficult time and situations as well as get all the parties concerned during the conflict to increase the growth of a peaceful environment.  IHRICON is a member of CZOP National Coalition.

Shanti Malika

Shanti Malika, a network of women who wish to promote and support peace. It has working actively to increase women’s participation in all policy-making levels including peace-building and negotiation exercises.  Many women as well as women organizations working in peace and conflict transformation areas have formed Shanti Malika’. The network of these women’s organizations is active at both a Districts and centre level.  Women representatives from 65 districts are actively participating in this network. IHRICON is a network organization of Shanti Malika.