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It is our duty to use our highest human potential, and our most creative thinking — based on the values of truth, justice and human rights for all.

Over the past several years IHRICON has been at the forefront of attempting to improve the rights of women and children in Nepal. We have carried out some projects which were previously unheard of in Nepal to ensure that improvements would be achieved. We believe that the current peace has been brought about as a result of our work and that of many other like minded organisations in Nepal.

We now believe that the moment has come to hand the torch of non-violence to all the nations and peace loving people of the world. I would like to remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi – the great prophet of truth and non-violence -“Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man”.

Our goal today is to spread the message that non-violence, tolerance, respect for human rights, media for peace and democracy, and development are interlinked and mutually reinforcing. It is our duty to use our highest human potential, and our most creative thinking — based on the values of truth, justice and human rights for all. I am convinced through my own personal experience that non-violence is the only means to achieve lasting peace between the people.

It cannot be said that before the formal declaration of war by the Government of Nepal that there was a total respect for the Human Rights of all the citizens across the country. Actually, a decade before this current regime and administration those in power were also unable to protect the civil and human rights of the people. Again this could be the main reason behind the long armed conflict and why organisations such as IHRICON have played such an influential role in Nepal. It also needs to be recognised that whilst matters have been worse in the past and some improvements have been seen now on the protection of Human Rights in Nepal there remains a great challenge to get for the people of Nepal those rights that others seem to take for granted.

Seven years ago IHRICON visited the conflict affected areas of Rukum and Rolpa. This was seen as a very positive and bold decision to visit Maoist affected areas. We first published a report on “Women and Children at the periphery of People’s war.” IHRICON became an established organization with the release of the report.  IHRICON therefore was legally established in 2000. But we do not believe that it is the case that only the establishment date of the organisation should indicate maturity. The maturity of the organisation depends on its work and its impact- IHRICON has quickly become mature and influential body within the area of human rights, media and peace.
IHRICON has been fully accepted as an impartial human rights organization even when the Armed Conflict was reaching its climax. IHRICON has especially focused on the issues of the rights of children and women and it has shown its active participation on the national and international campaign stage.

During the conflict IHRICON conducted training for the community members and around the cantonment of Maoist PLA members on reconciliation and social harmony. IHRICON provided training about DDR/SSR, reconciliation & rehabilitation. IHRICON reached an historic point by publishing the Peace Module training Directive. IHRICON has been a pioneer on implementing awareness sessions and information on UNSCR 1325 in Nepal. We are very proud to say that Woman Community Peace Volunteers were established to support the achievement of sustainable peace and also to allow women to be empowered for the first time in Nepal.

The quantity of the donors agreeing to assist IHRICON has increased as a result of this success. IHRICON has had an opportunity to work with Save the Children Norway (SCNN), Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO), VSO, British Embassy, UNIFEM, AED, USAID, Chemonics International Inc ,OTI, Medica Mondiale, ESP, Care Nepal, UNFPA, Oxfam, IANSA and Saferworld. Whilst working with all these reputed organization is a great achievement the more important aspect is that the donors have been very satisfied with the work carried out by IHRICON.

This website is another exciting step long the road for IHRICON and it is a way we can share our experiences as well as gain support for the future essential work which we need to carry out as the people of Nepal move towards an era of  long lasting peace.

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