Throughout the past several years IHRICON has maintained its excellent reputation in the field of frontline research.  IHRICON prepared a report on “Women and children at the periphery of people’s war”. During the initial phase of the programme of research and during the time of the armed conflict human rights activists and journalists were included within our leadership team. This was seen as a very positive decision during our visits to the Maoist affected areas of Rukum and Rolpa.  “Women and Children in the periphery of peoples’ war” can be regarded as the foundation of the organization, particularly in the field of research work, and it has allowed IHRICON to build upon a very strong foundation.

Set out below are the research publications published by IHRICON:

  • Women & Children in the periphery of People’s war.
  • Sexual violence in the people’s war
  • Children in Conflict -2002
  • Enhancing Leadership Development of Women in Major Political Parties of Nepal-2002
  • Use of Small Arms and its Psychological Impact in the Society -2006
  • Gender Perspective of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Nepal Relities- 2004

Similarly, IHRICON has been an organization which has been working for the protection and promotion of Human Rights in Nepal since its inception. Therefore from the very beginning, it has been collecting facts on incidents where cases of human rights violation have been carried out. On the basis of the data it has collected and analysed it has used the information to build pressure on the appropriate authorities Reports which have been based on field research set out recommendations to address the specific issues, in particular to improve access to the justice system and the accountability of the authorities. Fact-finding activities have been carried out in the following Districts; Dang, Sindhuli, Kailali and Gorkha. These locations are where the branches offices of IHRICON are based. In addition to theses areas IHRICON has also completed Fact-Finding activities all over Nepal.

Following Fact finding Reports can be located in IHRICON’s Resource Centre

  • Fact Finding Report on “Dang Incident -Umesh Chandra Thapa”
  • Fact Finding Report on ‘Kapilbastu Incident’ -Mohit Khan”
  • Fact Finding Report on ‘Gaur’ Incident
  • Fact Finding Report on” Achham” incident.
  • Fact Finding Report on Dead body near a road and helplessness of civilians.
  • Fact Finding Report on “Torture in accusation of keeping paddy collected by Maoist”