Street Drama

The Street Drama programme has focused on increasing awareness amongst the local community population of the key toipics which have been promoted by IHRICON over many years. IHRICON has formed a street drama group as part of the media activities which have been undertaken. IHRICON also provided local communities with a television set with a DVD player, a video camera and a Megaphone. This allowed the events to be recorded and thereby documenting the street dramas for use in further awareness training events.

IHRICON has completed 40 street dramas in four districts : Dhanusha, Mahottary, Rupandehi and Kapilbastu) and these were delivered according to our specific objectives.

The local coordinator found a local street drama group in the relevant area, which had been an established group of drama. It was stipulated that they had conducted street dramas at the local level and importantly in the local language. We were able to find a drama group for all our District street drama’s groups. The numbers of actors who have been involved in the street dramas has been between 9 and 15 members. Many local people became very curious and interested in this approach to communicating new and important messages and there were well over 200 people who had been in attendance who were prepared to give positive feedback on the programme.


IHRICON has been lobbying with the government and political parties in favor of a free and. dependent media, women’s and children’s rights, human rights and democracy since its establishment.

IHRICON conducted Gender Monitoring around Cantonment Area for the implementation of the Arms Management Agreement in Sindhuli and Kailali districts. The objective was to lobbying the concerned groups/places on the issues of violation of agreement, results and other objects obtained during the monitoring around the cantonment or to point out the faults of different organs/parties and put pressure on them peacefully and to make them aware. The work of meeting of concerned parties/authorities and submission of memorandum, appeal, press release etc, to them were done with the support of IHRICON. This nature of peaceful activities were conducted within the project period and are being continued after the completion of the project.

Wall Paper Production

 IHRICON has, as part of their many programmes, trained local women to become journalists. These women are taught how to report how to produce press releases and how to produce local newspapers. The local newspapers are often called as they are available to read on conveniently placed walls around the community. Wall newspapers are often a major vehicle for part of the communication network within a local community. IHRICON has been involved in these activities for many years. These newspapers are published with the aim of raising the issues and case studies related to enhancement of women and the empowerment of the isolated sectors of society. They particularly contain many stories which are relevant to the local community  The wall newspapers are published through the women who are in the Community Peace Volunteers network and they are distributed within the villages.


The White Flag Rising in the Midst

A Film based on the voices of rural women working for peace in violent hit areas.

The film was produced by Institute of Human RIghts Communication, Nepal (IHRICON) with the support ot Canadian Cooperation Organization (CCO)

The film was presented by Shobha Gautam, President of the Institute of Human Rights Communication in Nepal, Nepal

Time: 33 minutes

What does the White Flag Rising in the Midst  Conveys the Message ?

The whole world is enduring the severe pain of conflict, which is causing the death of innocent people by day by day.

Whether the number of killings of men in quite greater than women and children, but the women and children have to face bitter experience from the conflict rather than men. They have to face rape, sexual violence including the incident of becoming widow and orphans, which are the negative part of the armed conflict. Now, one hope has been arises that if women from grass root level to central level could be participate in each and every stepts of the peace bulding process to reduce the effects of conflcit towards women and children, then sustainable peae would be prevail in the whole world. For that reason, United Nation Security Council declaraed and approved Resoulition No. 1325 on October 31, 2000, which has appealed to all its partner organizations to involve women for the Peace building process.

 “Active women could flowered even in sand, could simile even in grief, and could identify the way for peace even in the conflict”.

This documentary “The While Flag rising in the midst” is the campaign of women working in the conflict transformation, income generating activities for victims, raise voices of community people through  interaction programs, wall newspapers, peace rallies etc. This program has been supported by Canadian Cooperation Organization (CCO), which is the process of implementation of UN Security Council Resolution No. 1325, and working in  the conflict hit four districts of Nepal i.e. Dang, Gorkha, Kailali and Sindhuli.

Children Peace Song

 IHRICON has published a Peace song cassette for Children named Naniharulai for small children” with the support of Save the Children Norway. Naniharulai, the first ever album of songs dedicated to children affected by armed conflict was released by the Norwegian Ambassador Mr. Tore Torang.  The cassette  conveys the message that children should be given back their childhood. All of the songs assists in creating the concept that “Children are the Zone of Peace” and also helping it to become a reality. The cassette contains a collection of 10 songs.

 Public Hearing

 IHRICON has found that the various public hearings which have been carried out have created a positive impact upon the general public. IHRICON conducts public debates and hearings on various issues which include:

  • good governance,
  • UNSCR 1325,
  • Constitutional Assembly,
  • Human Rights,
  • children rights,
  • women and children rights violation
  • and the role of civil society in strengthening democracy.

Representative from different political parties, local communities, teachers, women activist, and women human rights representatives, civil society, and women human rights activists have attended the debates.

IHRICON has organized Public Hearing Programmes between 2001 and 2002 which covered 18 different issues. During 2005 with the support of Save the Children Norway and the UK there were 4 Public Hearings.  Since 2000, IHRICON has run public hearing programmes at a regional level national as well as running the national level programme.

Interaction Programmes

Institute of Human Rights and Communication Nepal (IHRICON  has for many years been conducting various interaction programmes in a variety of different subjects. The topics of the meetings include Peace, Media, women rights, childrens rights and arms control. These programmes have been run in order to build up  the capabilities of those who have participated in peace building at a village, District and National level.