As a pioneer of working with and through the media IHRICON has concentrated its main activites in the area promoting an awareness of the protection of human rights.  IHRICON has also focused on women rights, the rights of children and the need for a greater level of arms control. Over the past 8 years a large and ver growing number of National Daily newspaper as well as weekly (English & Nepali) newspapers have given more coverage the topics contained in the IHRICON’s programmes in their media.

Set out below are the newspapers where IHRICON programmes have been covered.

Annapurna Post, Gorkhapatra, Himalayan Times, Kantipur, Nepal Samacharpatra, Rajdhani, Spacetimes. Daily Newspapers (in English): The Himalayan Times, The Rising Nepal, The Kathmandu Post. Weekly Nepali Newspapers (in Nepali) Dristi,Ghatana Ra Bichar, Tarun, Prakash, Rastriya Samata, Chaphal, Budhwar, Nepal, The Telegraph, People’s Review and Times, Nepal, Bimarsh, Ghatana ra Bichar etc.

Radio Programs

IHRICON launched Radio programs in different Districts to increase awareness levels of the local communities on subjects like: the CA election process, what would happen once the Constitution Assembly started to work as a parliament, why it was necessary to have an increase in the level Women’s participation in all aspects of public life, and why the rights of women were crucial to the strive for long lasting peace. This form of media was used due to the high potential coverage of community radio media network across Nepal. It would aloow message to reach remote areas and would help commence the debate about in social transformation and peace amongst the target population,

IHRICON completed 12 FM programs in the Dhanusha District with the assistance of Dhanusha FM who broadcast to four districts every two weeks. A FM radio program was aired about the CA election and the electoral process; another was broadcast on the importance of the participation of Women, and women’s rights. The Madhesi women’s groups also formed listening circles for their broadcasts.