For more than a decade IHRICON has been actively involved in carry out activity in the area of human rights advocacy.  IHRICON’s objectives are to bring about positive change to the wide range of human rights related issues. IHRICON has in the main been involved in this area using the basis of the framework offered by the UNSCR 1325. There are three main areas where there have been prominent advocacy efforts carried out by IHRICON.

  • Firstly, the participation of women in the area of formal politics and institutions, as their previous exclusion from these areas has been a flagrant violation of the Security Council Resolution.
  • Secondly, in the area of the reform of the security sector. This has been particularly important given the large number of women who have taken an active part in the conflict as combatants whilst there has been an overwhelming male gender imbalance within this sector.
  • Finally, in the area of the beginning of the reconciliation progress. Taking account of the fact that the process should include the experience of women and the impact they have felt due to the effects of the armed conflict. The work carried out by IHRICON strived to achieve an approach which would ensure that reconciliation proposals were developed from this perspective.

IHRICON increases awareness level and the knowledge of those who take part in the advocacy programmes. IHRICON conducts innovative and high profile advocacy campaigns and endeavour to bring about positive changes to human rights related issues.