IHRICON has always focused on the issues of the rights of children and women and it has shown its active participation on the national and international campaign stage. IHRICON also conducts grassroots, regional, national and international level research, advocacy and training programs, and forms and strengthens networks between people and organizations who have common goals. One of the pioneer projects of the organization is the report published on “Women and Children at the periphery of People’s War” which is regarding the women and children security in the western part of the country during the conflict. Resulting in the establishment of Woman Community Peace Volunteers to support the achievement of sustainable peace and to allow women to be empowered for the first time in Nepal. Since 2004, more than 400 women are working as Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) in 11 districts of Nepal under the facilitation of IHRICON and along with that, currently, IHRICON has more than 700 activists.

IHRICON also got the opportunity to contribute in the National Plan of Action of Nepal. Additionally, the quantity of the donors agreeing to assist IHRICON has increased. IHRICON has had an opportunity to work with Governance Facility, Embassy of Finland, Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO), VSO, British Embassy, UNIFEM, AED, USAID, OTI, Care Nepal, UNFPA and Saferworld. Whilst working with all these reputed organization is a great achievement the more important aspect is that the donors have been very satisfied with the work carried out by IHRICON. This situation has given a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to IHRICON that their work is seen as professional and meaningful.