Over the past several years the Institute of Human Rights Communication Nepal (IHRICON) has been working in the field of promoting the rights of individuals and it has established its own reputation dedicated to the protection of human rights. It has taken on new responsibilities and fulfilled the responsibilities given to it by civil society and donor agencies.  Initially, IHRICON’s progress was only supported by Save the Children Norway. However, the numbers of such organizations looking to support our work have been steadily increasing in recent years. IHRICON has especially focused on the issues of child and women rights and it has shown its active participation on the national and international campaign stage.

The eleven years of long civil war in Nepal has mostly affected women and children. IHRICON conducted training for the community members and around the cantonment of Maoist PLA members on reconciliation and social harmony. IHRICON provided training about DDR/SSR, reconciliation & rehabilitation. IHRICON reached an historic point by publishing the Peace Module training Directive. IHRICON has been a pioneer on implementing awareness sessions and information on UNSCR 1325 in Nepal. Woman Community Peace Volunteers were established to support the achievement of sustainable peace and also to allow women to be empowered for the first time in Nepal.

The past year has been a fortunate period for the Institute of Human Rights Communication, Nepal. IHRICON has had an opportunity to promote peace, human rights, reconciliation at the same time as getting recognition from the people and the civil society. The quantity of the donors agreeing to assist IHRICON has increased as a result of this success. IHRICON has had an opportunity to work with Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO), VSO, British Embassy, UNIFEM, AED, USAID, OTI, Care Nepal, UNFPA and Saferworld. Whilst working with all these reputed organization is a great achievement the more important aspect is that the donors have been very satisfied with the work carried out by IHRICON. This situation has given a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to IHRICON that their work is seen as professional and meaningful.