Institute of Human Rights Communication (IHRICON) is human rights NGO established by a group of media professionals who are actively working in the field of human rights advocacy for more than a decade. IHRICON is a non-profit and non-political human rights organization registered at the District Administration Office of Government of Nepal. The Registration number is 20/1205/057/058.

Since its inception in 2000, IHRICON has been actively involved in human rights’ monitoring, reporting and advocacy. We have worked closely with women and children who have been affected by the Armed Conflict. This work has included attempting to reduce the affects of violence abuses upon children and women as well as raising awareness levels that women and children have been the unseen casualties of the long war.

Promoting the involvement of local women to carry out the role of peace volunteers has been a significant success in raising these issues as well as getting women actively involved in the process of peace building.

The organisation conducts innovative and high profile advocacy campaigns and it endeavours to bring positive changes to human rights and peace related issues, particularly focusing on the rights of women and children.

IHRICON has ensured that the rights of women and children have been highly respected even in the worst situations of the Maoist Armed Conflict. Furthermore, the organisation considers women not only as victims of the conflict but also as key actors for peace. Many women in the conflict areas have been developing themselves as peace workers, although the positive impacts are not yet entirely visible. IHRICON has recognised that this remains a challenge and is working to promote and to strengthen the women’s peace work and to develop their leadership skills. IHRICON has also been working to increase awareness levels regarding the impact of the conflict, especially upon women and children and to work to minimise such impacts. It has been providing those people who have been mostly affected with training on human rights, conflict resolution and transformation, a programme of women’s leadership and a programme on children’s rights. IHRICON is the only organisation to have given human rights training both to the Government Armed Forces as well as to the Maoists cadres.

Our in-depth investigations and research provide intensive and timely reporting to the public, Government and media, and are usually followed by programmes and projects which address the issues raised. We conduct innovative and high profile advocacy campaigns and endeavor to bring positive changes to human rights related issues.