Core Values

Good Governance

  • Accountability – The board members and all the staffs are answerable to the activities carried out by IHRICON.
  • Impartiality – There should be no prejudice shown against the status of any group or individual in any of the work that is carried out by IHRICON.
  • Integrity – The human rights and freedoms which IHRICON promote will be practiced internally by all staff at all time.
  • Transparency – Information will be readily available to all those involved in IHRICON as well as explanation of decisions and involvement in all future activities.
  • Uniformity — Proper understanding of IHRICON’s goal and mission by every member so as to maintain uniformity and work towards it.

Accessibility – IHRICON will ensure that it is accessible for the target groups for which it is in place to represent. Accessibility means that people within the target groups can obtain information, guidance and support in a way which suits their individual needs. The staff who work for IHRICON will ensure that they make themselves as accessible as possible.

Diversity – IHRICON will ensure that it promotes having in place a diverse approach in those people it employs, works with and supports. All aspects of the wide range of diverse backgrounds will be encouraged through the work that IHRICON plan and deliver.

Equality – IHRICON will ensure that all people irrespective of their gender, ethnic origin, beliefs, sexual orientation and color will be treated equally. Opportunities will be available to staff, beneficiaries and partners based on their abilities. IHRICON will work to ensure that discrimination and exploitation of people who may be different are brought to an end.

Participation and Inclusion – IHRICON will encourage and promote the involvement of all people in the society in which they live. All people have a contribution to make and IHRICON will work to ensure that opportunities are provided to allow this to occur particularly in the target groups which IHRICON support.