To play an active role in creating an equitable society in the presence of media and protecting human rights, press freedom and social justice in Nepal.



IHRICON has focused its activities on the sensitive and dedicated aspects of human rights – especially on children’s rights and the rights of women. It has been successful in fulfilling its objective of creating awareness among the children and women about their basic fundamental rights and empowering them to use these rights in a positive and constructive way. Set out below are the objectives of the IHRICON.

  • To act as a mediator between the media community and society as a whole, in order to utilize the power of the media in the protection of human rights.
  • To monitor the media and advocate in favor of the people and organizations whose rights are violated by media sector itself.
  • To improve the status of women and children, and upholding justice and human rights through the active participation of the media
  • To publicize the effects of internal and external conflict on people, especially women and children
  • To conduct research, advocacy and training programmes for the establishment of sustainable peace in conflict affected zones as well as to run peace education programmes
  • To form and strengthen networks among people and organizations who have common goals.
  • To conduct human rights training, seminars and tours at the grassroots, regional, national and international level, and provide opportunities for people to share their experiences with the media.
  • To conduct various media activities to protect and strengthen women’s rights regarding health, education, social, political, economic and cultural issues.
  • To mobilize the media sector to work for the protection of the civil and social rights of communities which are discriminated against, Dalits and indigenous peoples.