With the objective to attain IHRICON’s mission, the organization has formulated five year plan based on their core values and its overall objective. A brief about what the organization intends to achieve in the next five years is given below:

Good Governance: The locals will be provided with the information about the services and privileges provided by the Government of Nepal and will be encouraged to use these services. Additionally, IHRICON will also ensure transparency through community hearing, women and youth participation and proper flow of information.

Gender Equality: Equal capacity development of men and women, and equal participation at leadership level shall be ensured. Violence against women and girls caused by economic factors shall be reduced by empowering women economically through skills-based and income-generating programs.

Media:  Collaboration with mass media to achieve the goals set by its constitution and strategic plan. Mainstream mass media shall publish or broadcast the success stories as well as complaints of service providers and customers.

Livelihood: Ensuring women and girls are independent and confident. All the incidents where women rights are violated and differentiated will be reduced to zero along with the increase in their income.

Women, Peace and Security: Women and Children will feel secured as they acknowledge all their rights. Zero women violence and creating an environment where women can work peacefully without any hesitation and disturbance.

Organization Capacity Enhancement: The organization shall increase it capacity in a way to provide quality of service and better effectiveness of the service. It will further lead to better governance inside the organization. All the necessary documents regarding the rules, policies of the organization and the projects records will be written and well documented.